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Cindy Sasha is a British photographer and campaigner with a gregarious attitude towards her work and life. From a working-class family, Cindy’s love for street culture and championing the underdog is what makes her genuine and real. Not one to bow down and play the game, Cindy has managed to carve and graft her own identity as a respected photographer through her candid images. Having worked in the media and creative sector for 15 years, disillusioned by the ethics and morals of the industry, Cindy left to work as an activist and campaigner for fashion designer Vivienne Westwood, “I got the dream job of being a punk”. 

Cindy’s work has been published in Italian Vogue, The Arts Society, Invisible Britain and more. 

The British Library selected Cindy to be the resident photographer for their Unfinished Business: The Fight for Women’s Rights exhibition 2020. 


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If you are interested in my photography, use of images, collaborations, commissions or just to say hello then please get in touch.

Phone: 07929 989460