As a baby I always had a lens cap in my mouth, my uncle was a hobbyist photographer so he was always taking photos but would never let me touch his camera! That pissed me off, so I guess I just didn’t take as much interest until my mum bought a camera and I could use it. I would sneak it into school and take pictures of my mates. I liked taking photos (I could even develop a roll of 35mm at the age of 15 which my art teacher taught me) but I didn’t know at that age you could pursue a career as a photographer and everyone around me had different plans for me, including myself. As time and years went by I had the urge or was drawn to pick up the camera again and wanting to pursue a career but I was chicken shit, I lacked confidence, I felt too old. After a year of therapy I realised how photography has helps me to cope with my OCD. I took a bold step to go part-time with my job at Vivienne Westwood so I can focus on my passion and I have been fortunate to have friends and family supporting my choices. I hope you enjoy my photography as much as I have enjoyed taking the photo.

Cindy Sasha x